Tealive Franchise


The mil tea craze is spreading to all corners of the world. Have you heard of the big names in this business which has been enjoying a lot of success not only within Malaysia but in the region as well?

Tealive Franchise Opportunity

Tealive is what many consider to be one of the most successful ventures from Malaysia. It is one of the most prominent homegrown brands with a tag line that of bringing tea to life and life to tea. While a lot of associations have been made to another brand in this business, it must be noted that Tealive has grown to be a totally separate and independent brand on its own.

Franchising Tealive

If you have aspirations to own a milk tea outlet, then Tealive might just be your answer to having a successful business venture. You will join more than 240 branches across the region as Tealive is a truly established brand.

To start this business, you will need to pay a franchise fee of RM75,000 where you will be provided with all the necessary material and marketing support. This will be for a 5+5 term. Initial capital is from RM460k.

What makes this franchise opportunity so interesting is that you will have to pay a 3% royalty fee which includes marketing as well as Advertising and Promotions.

You must understand that Tealive is a brand which has a ready market and is a very popular brand among Malaysians as its taste and drinks are very much localized and tailored to the Malaysian consumer.

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