The key to success in an international marketing campaign is by utilizing the right technology which best suit your concept. To determine which digital tool to use, business owners need to understand the dynamics of a society. This is because the society is our brand’s target audience.

Malaysia as a Regional Technology Hub

In today’s business world, marketers can save travel cost as they do not have to travel around the world to understand different societies as globalization is now an effective tool for business owners to pick up new ideas from other countries.

Here are tips for advertisers to look out for when executing a marketing campaign across regions.

Tip 1: Know your target audience comfort level with world of Internet

An e-marketing strategy need to emphasize on audiences’ view of the Internet. Understanding the audience helps the advertisers to decide the best starting point to develop relationship with customers.

When choosing a specific technology to market your brand or product, advertisers need to understand the impact and influence of that technology towards the audience.

Tip 2: Make it personal and secure

An e-marketing strategy posed threats to company as well as customers. Since web is an uncontrolled channel, many customers are still reluctant to use it as a medium to make a purchase or for some other purposes that includes providing personal information.

Thus, marketers need to change their perspective and convince the customers that the security on their web site is reliable and trustworthy. Sometimes, marketers even collect and gather customers’ personal information using offline presences.

Undeniably, this is by far one of the slowest processes available to get their hands on customers’ information. However, it works as companies can gain customers’ trust and bridge the gap lost online.

Companies then proceed step by step to persuade customers that the best deal is only available online. Once the company builds a solid offline relationship with customers, the chances of customers using online transactions are higher.

Tip 3: Consider other channels

To maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, instead of just using emails, consider using other different digital channels to expand your network. For countries that maximize the usage of hand phones, marketers can switch to using SMS and voice to attract large number of users.

But bear in mind; never experiment with a brand new technology even when you think that is unique. Marketers should use technology that fits in that particular society.

Tip 4: Refine the tools that you’re using

Marketers often use the existing and most popular channel to advertise their brand and product. There is always room for improvement in these existing technologies.

For example, in United States, marketers incorporate interactive features such as short video clips in the traditional email chain. Thus, marketer can add more new and interesting features in their email to keep the customers entertained and engaged.

Tip 5: Engage with customers

To remain competitive in business world, marketers often refine their campaign as well as improve and add creative elements in their email piece. Previously, marketers tend to use search engine optimization to build brand awareness.

However, the emergence of social networking sites changed the trend. But all in all, marketers used variety of channels for the same purpose that is to build an interactive relationship with customers.

So, besides delivering relevant information to the prospects, marketers need to ensure that the campaign offers a platform to get the customers involve in the campaign to maximize the interaction.


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