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In Bursa Malaysia, there are 2 boards where you can invest in technology oriented companies. One is through the main board while you can also invest in stocks listed in the ACE board. Where this is concerned, there are more companies listed in the ACE board as compared to the Main board. Generally, this segment is where you will be able to invest in companies which are very technology oriented in the areas of information technology, engineering and some very specific companies of this industry of Malaysia.

In the ACE Market, there are companies like YTLE, MNC, Rexit, SMRTech, SysTech, TriCubes, Digistar, AGlobal, Genetec, K1 and Pirva while the main board consists of bigger companies likw AIC, Dataprep, EForce, Kobay, Mesiniaga and Vitrox. Other companies which are also very established ones include GHL Systems, Censof, Patimas, Theta, Heitech Padu and Amtel.
As a member of this club, you will be able to get new and updated information about projects and public tenders received by these companies which will then help you to make better judgements on which stock to invest in. You will find that most of these companies in Malaysia are involved with projects involving the public and private sectors while those who rely on Malaysian government projects would be sound investments in most cases.

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