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MSC Malaysia (formerly known as the Multimedia Super Corridor) is the world’s most comprehensive Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and multimedia development project.  More than just a technology park, the MSC Malaysia is Malaysia’s new engine of growth into the knowledge-based economy.

Since 1996, one of the MSC Malaysia’s key strategic thrusts has been the development of Malaysian ICT Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can become world-class over time.  The SMEs are seen as substantial contributors to economic growth as they create new wealth and job opportunities in the knowledge-based economy.

In recognising the need to further enhance the MSC Malaysia’s efforts to develop Malaysian SMEs in the ICT and other strategic high technology industries, the Government launched the Technopreneur Development Division (TeDD) in November 2001.  The lead agency driving the division is the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation with Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) acting as the implementing agency.

The core objectives of the Technopreneur Development Division (TeDD) are to:

 To facilitate the development of technopreneurs, start-ups and existing ICT companies 

 To catalyze and nurture a cluster of ICT SMEs

 To assist and facilitate the growth of ICT SMEs into world-class companies

The Technopreneur Development Division is well poised to take the MSC Malaysia to the next level in generating a critical mass of SMEs in strategic high technology sectors such as well as facilitating the growth of these ICT companies to become world-class companies.

As drivers of new wealth and job creation in a knowledge-based economy, successful and sustainable SMEs will be crucial in helping Malaysia take its place amongst world-class high-tech nations. The Government acts as the catalyst and facilitator in providing the right environment in Malaysia for technopreneurs to blossom and make a success of their products on the global marketplace. We invite you to take advantage of the opportunities offered through the division.

CGDirect Access Guarantee Scheme

Credit Guarantee Corporation (CGC) Malaysia Berhad was incorporated on 5 July 1972 under the Companies Act 1965 with Bank Negara Malaysia, and all the commercial banks and financial institutions operating in the country as its shareholders. CGC is established with the objective of assisting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) without collateral or with inadequate collateral and no track record to gain accessibility to credit facilities from financial institutions.

CGC formulates and administers various guarantee schemes meant for specific target groups with the participation of all financial institutions. It also complements the Government’s effort to develop and encourage Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) in the country. Its guarantee schemes are mainly categorised under The Main Scheme and The Programmed Leading Scheme.

Under the Main Scheme, SMIs may apply for New Principal Guarantee Scheme (NPGS), Direct Access Guarantee Scheme (DAGS), Islamic Banking Guarantee Scheme (IBGS) and Small Entrepreneur Guarantee Scheme (SEGS). While the Programmed Landing Scheme offers the Flexi Guarantee Scheme (FGS), Franchise Financing Scheme (FFS) and Youth Economic Development Program. Depending on individual financing requirements, SMEs may apply for loans from any financial institution under any CGC scheme except for DAGS.

DAGS was introduced in July 2000 to enable SMEs to obtain financing from RM50,000 to RM1 million by applying directly to any CGC branches nationwide. All applications under DAGS will be evaluated and processed by CGC, which will then arrange for the required financing to be granted by participating banks. Under DAGS, eligible borroweres can enjoy guarantee coverage of up to 100%.

TeAM has been formed by a group of Malaysian Technopreneurs to further the interests of Technopreneurs and to assist in the development of the Digital Economy in Malaysia. 

TEAM(Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia)

We have three Key Initiatives and Objectives

1) The immediate short-term objective would be to act as a think tank and as a voice for technopreneurs.  Already, we have accomplished a great deal,  most notably, through the completion of our White Paper, Fostering A Sustainable Environment for Technopreneurship in Malaysia. This document has already received widespread acclaim in the media and in industry and government circles for describing the major issues facing small and medium size companies in the ICT field in a way that encompasses the views of the industry’s grassroots. 

2) The medium term objective is for the professional development of members and the industry in general.  We intend to do that by offering a series of scholarships and special course offers with leading technical institutes in Malaysia.  We are also  planning on hosting a series of seminars addressing particular issues related to running  a start up ICT business.  Be sure to check out the activities section and the home page for upcoming events.

3) The longer-term objective is to provide community education and to  bridge the digital divide.  More on the fulfillment of this objective will be available in the near future.

Cradle Investment Programme (CIP

Malaysia Venture Capital Management Bhd (MAVCAP) has appointed TeAM as its official Community Partner for CIP, the name for the RM100 million fund from the Ministry of Finance to spearhead seed investment, nurture entrepreneurial development, create a a pool of technology ideas and generate new ICT opportunities.

Qualified idea applicants will be provided with a grant of up to RM50,000 per idea for the crystallisation of an Idea Feasability Plan, a proof of concept or a prototype of an idea. In other words, CIP is a conversion platform of raw ideas (i.e. pre-seed) into viable and commercial ventures.

What Is CIP?

CIP is the acronym for the Cradle Investment Programme. This is an innovative Malaysian Government programme initiated under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance, and administered by Malaysia Venture Capital Management Berhad (MAVCAP) to stimulate the growth of technopreneurs and generation of ideas for an innovative and knowledge society.

CIP is also a nation-building programme, which will provide the pre-seed funding and entrepreneurial support to:

  • Generate new ideas and innovations from individuals, research institutes and institutions of higher learning;
  • Create employment through venture development and commercialisation;
  • Act as a catalyst to new areas of economic growth;
  • Address the capital gap and industry expectations between pre-seed and seed funding;
  • Create a critical mass of entrepreneurs and technopreneurs; and 
  • Build a foundation for entrepreneurs and technopreneurs to spin off as a global company.

CIP’s technology investment focus is in the areas of ICT and high growth including:

  • Software and information services;
  • Internet: e-services, e-commerce and e-content;
  • Communication and networking – mobile data;
  • High tech consumer and business products;
  • Electronic and semi-conductors;
  • Medical devices and advance materials; and 
  • Biotechnology and life sciences.

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