The Manhattan Fish Market Franchise Business Opportunity


Where did it all begin?
The Manhattan Fish Market is an international food chain inspired by the Fulton Fish Market in Manhattan, said to date back to more than 180 years. That was the place where the freshest sea produce is found each day. It is the largest wholesale fish market in the United States where over 150 million pounds of seafood is believed to go through here daily.

Who owns Manhattan Fish Market in Malaysia?
The brand is owned by MFM Restaurant Sdn Bhd. A group of young entrepreneurs started the business back in 2002 when they acquired the rights for the trademark in Malaysia. The first outlet was opened in Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur and has since grown by leaps and bounds to other parts of the country.

What does Manhattan Fish Market sell?
Generally, the Manhattan Fish Market serves seafood prepared American-style. Customers here enjoy the various seafood items available and the dining ambiance which is easy-going and casual. Besides that, the price is affordable and not exorbitant as compared to other seafood restaurants. There are common favorites served here while the chain would offer new varieties to cater to the local customers occasionally.

How big is the chain?
MFM Sdn Bhd currently operates more than 25 outlets in the region. 19 of them are in Malaysia while the rest are in Singapore, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. Efforts are in place to expand the network further.

Can I own a Manhattan Fish Market outlet?
Yes, you can by joining the franchise program. This will be a unique opportunity for you to venture into the Food and Beverages industry where you will be able to:

  • Learn how to run an F&B outlet
  • Support in advertising and promotions
  • Visits by the consultants of the franchise
  • Supply of raw materials needed for the business
  • Review and monitoring of the business model and ways to improve
  • Product development and best practices

What should I know about running a Manhattan Fish Market business?

  • Brand Reputation – One of the best and strongest names in this market segment.
  • Initial Capital – To start this business, you will need between USD280,000 and USD 490,000.
  • Franchise Fee – USD30,000
  • Royalty and marketing fee – Based on an agreed percentage from the monthly sales of your outlet
  • Return on Investment – You might need to have funds to sustain the business for the first 2 years. This is because the operation cost can be quite high considering you will mostly operate within a shopping mall.
  • Location – Like any other F&B outlet, it is extremely crucial to have a good location with high footfall.
  • Customer Segment – Seafood lovers who are looking for affordable and good ambiance for a meal, usually families or groups.

The Final Word
The Manhattan Fish Market provides a good business opportunity as it has a good market catchment that is niche and profitable. Comparatively, customers are willing to pay slightly more for a normal meal when they order seafood. The brand is already very well established and this puts the business in a good position for profit and growth.

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