The Skyscape Rooftop House in Bangkok is a clever use of space in the modern world


When it comes to urbanization, the fight for space has always been a constant struggle. So, whenever someone comes up with an intelligent idea to make use of urban spaces for better living, it will surely be a good pick in the book. Such is the case for the Skyscape Rooftop House located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

No need to go away to get away

Using the rooftop of a building for a home epitomizes the whole notion of urbanization and with its green space initiative, makes this all the more enticing. Using rooftops has been a popular choice among designers and architects especially in a metropolis such as Bangkok. This space was the work of WARchitect which is a small and private home and yet functional and modern.

It is located in the Lat Phrao district in Bangkok on top of a five-storey apartment building. The location is known for being densely populated made up of apartments, offices and other structures. The idea of this home came from the owner of this building to create a temporary private space.

Smart, clean and articulate space design

With that in mind, WARchitect came up with a minimalist and bare design. The overall outlook of the space is its openness. The rooftop was formerly used to put large water tanks on its 270 square-meter space. WARchitect took 150 square meters to build the home which is totally hidden from the street below.

It is hard not to appreciate the almost transparent design style of this place. It has all that a home should have including a dining room, a living room and a bedroom. The unique element of this design is that one can literally see what is going on in the other rooms through the glass walls. The wood motif makes the environment all the more rustic and inviting. This came from the owner who had a lot of Balau wood which was all used tastefully in the building of this space. Meanwhile, the bathroom and kitchen are built towards the back of the home with the courtyard offering a space to just ‘be around’.

Can this work in Malaysia?

This is surely a feasible design option in Malaysia as cities like Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown are running out of residential space. With more skyscrapers taking over land space in the cities, rooftop homes could well be a thing of the near future and designs such as these would resonate well with the city dwellers.

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