Tips for small businesses and why you should stand out


The corporate world is very much the same as a marketing campaign, you just need to stand out. After all, the market is always crowded no matter where you go.

Is this crucial for your business?

With a resounding yes, it is extremely crucial for your business because of the competition. There is no reason being just one of the players if you do not aim to be unique. After all, competition is all about who wins.

What pointers should you follow?

The rule of thumb in standing out in the market is to have competitive advantage. There are no two ways about it. If you do not have something that your competitors do not have, then you become a commoner.

  1. Value proposition – A lot of businesses are out there looking for the next big thing. They tend to believe that the only way to succeed in a crowded market is by having a product that no one has. The best ideas are the most common ones. What you need to look for really is a unique selling point and not a unique product.
  2. Be different but equal – Make no mistake about this. You want to be equal to your competitors but you do not want to be the same. This is a no-brainer. You want to compete in a level playing field but you want to be better.
  3. Differentiate and initiate – When it comes to products, you have to break away from the common players. You do not want to sell the same service as your rivals. You sell something more, something with value. Take initiatives to be different in the market. There is no reason to sell what is already in the market but there is every reason to sell something more valuable to your customers

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