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What is the TM Online service all about?

TM Online service is a service that allows you to:

1.View and check your TM phone bills on the internet.
2.Securely pay your bills using MasterCard or VISA.
3.View most recent calls within the 30 days from the current date.

All TM fixed line customers can enjoy this service feature.

Are there any benefits for me in using the TM Online service?

Yes. TM Online will enable you to:

  1. View your bills as soon as they are available and earlier than the paper bill that arrives to your doorstep.
    2. Pay your bills at your convenience, 24 hours a day from the comfort of your home or office.
    3. Avoid the hassle of long queues or traffic jams when making payment.
    4. Avoid sending cheques or carrying extra cash, or having to make additional payment arrangements.
    5. View, sort, analyse and filter your fully itemized call details online.
    6. Download your billing data to your pc.
    7. Use Personal Address Book to show calls by name instead of number.
    8. View bill and payment history.
    9. Request other TM services online.
    10. Print your bill summary or print entire bill.
    11. View most recent call that allows you to know call charges or calls made since your last bill.Will I be charged for using the service?The service is free and you will not be charged for it.Do I have to subscribe to the Internet service before I can register for TM Online service?

    You will need to have access to the Internet before you can use TM Online service. However if you do not have your own Internet account, you can always access the Internet from your office or a cyber café.

    Can I register for the TM service if I do not currently have a valid e-mail address?

    An e-mail address is a requirement for the service, as this will be:

    -The only means by which TM can send confirmation of your password upon completion of successful registration.
    -One of the means by which TM communicates with you to tell you that your online bill is available to view on TM Online.
    -The way we will notify you of any enhancements or changes to the service. When you have registered for the TM Online service, we will e-mail you to confirm that your registration has been successful.

    Do I have to register for the service on each account separately?

    No. You only need to register one of your bill accounts under one subset registration number. Upon successful registration, you will be able to view ALL your account bills registered under your name.

    What information will I need to validate my registration online?

    You will need the following:

    1. Email Address
      2. Your latest phone bill to verify your last bill date and last bill amount.
      3. For residential customers, please use your IC number or passport number that was provided during the initial registration of the fixed line.

    4. For business customers, please use your business registration number that was provided during the registration of the fixed line.
    Note: If the Identification or customer belongs to KJN (Government), DTA (Embassy), ITD (Professional), TM Agencies or Tanpa Daftar Niaga (TDN), then the enrollment must be requested to TM 1050 Services.

    I have two lines at home, one residential and one for my business. Can both lines be registered to TM Online?

    Yes. Both lines or bill accounts can be registered on the TM Online service. You just have to register separately for each account .

    Note: This is because for residential bill account registration IC number /Passport number is required and business bill account, business registration number is required during the registration.

    I am a new TM customer; can I register for TM Online?

    Yes, any new TM customer can register for the TM Online service, but before attempting to register, please wait until you receive your first paper phone bill. You will need this to confirm your account number, last bill date and last bill amount. We will then be able to validate your registration online.

    What shall I do if I can’t remember my User ID or my password hint?

    You are advised to call 1050 or e-mail us at [email protected] and quote your bill account number, I/C or passport number/Business Registration Number.

    What shall I do if unable to login as I forgot my password or the password submitted is incorrect?

    You are advised to click the “Forgot Your Password” link on the TM Online login page.

    What shall I do if unable to register with TM Online and TM Online displays “ The information you enter could not be found in TM’s database system”?

    You will need the following:

    1. Bill date, bill account number and bill amount due as stated on your bill.
      2. I/C Number/Passport number/Business Registration as exactly as you provided during your initial registration for the fixed line phone.

    Why can’t I view all my account numbers once I login?

    You may not be able to view all account number because your name may be registered twice with 2 subset of numbers.

    Example: Mr X has a subset 1, account A, B and C
    Mr X also has a subset 2, account D and E

    When account A enrolls, Mr X will only be able to view subset 1. To view subset 2, account D or E must enroll.

    How do I access my online bill?

    Access to online billing is available by clicking “Login”, which is on the right-hand navigation menu of the TM Online landing page if you already registered to TM Online service. If you have not, you have to register to enable you to view you online billing. Just click the “ Register now” hyperlink on the right-hand navigation menu of the TM Online landing page.

    How long does it take to get access to this service?

    You will be able to obtain immediate access to all the services available on the TM Online once you receive e-mail notification of your password.

    Note: Under normal circumstances, the password will be sent to you within 24 hours.

    Will I still receive my paper bill while I am on the TM Online service?

    Yes, you will continue to receive your paper bill unless you specify not to receive it. You may be able to use the print capability of your Internet Browser to print your call details from the online bill.

    How will I know when my online bill has been produced?

    An e-mail notification will be sent to you if your bill is available online. You must ensure that your e-mail address is update on TM Online, to ensure that this notification is received.

    Why is my bill online for only 4 months?

    By imposing this limit on the number of online bills that are available, it will help us to maintain speedier access to your billing information. You are advised to save or download the bill if you want to keep your complete bill history.

    What should I do if I want to know more about my online bill?

    You can call 1050 (TM Customer Service Center) or email to [email protected] and they will be able to assist you.

    What is Most Recent Call?

    Most recent call is an unbilled call (Calls that have not yet been billed). For the post paid account, the user can see up to 30 days unbilled calls and they can view calls made as early as 3 days ago. However, the user cannot make a dispute on the unbilled.

    What is Quick pay?

    Quick pay is a facility to allow users to make an immediate payment or a one-time payment based on the bill amount.

    What is Recurring Payment?

    Recurring Payment is a facility to allow users to make a monthly scheduled payment on a specified date or day, with the specified amount indicated by the customer. The schedule will be valid until terminated by the user.

    How do I know whether my payment instruction is successful or not?

    For Quick pay – immediate payment, the customer shall receive the payment acknowledgement message whether successful or not and the online official receipt after clicking the Confirm button.

    For Quick pay – one-time scheduled payment and Recurring Payment, an email notification will be sent to indicate whether the payment instruction successful or not.

    Customer can also know the payment status by entering the Payment tab, then activity tab, and look at scheduled payments or history sub tab.

    Can I make a payment using a foreign credit card bank issuer?

    No, only payments using a credit card issued in Malaysia is acceptable.

    Can I make payment using my saving/current account with a bank?

    Yes, if you have an online banking facility and by clicking on the bank linkages provided under payment tab, sub tab Quickpay.

    Can I view the record of my payment history other than payment made through TM Online?

    Yes, by clicking on the Payment sub tab under Activity and then click History.

    How do I stop my recurring payment instruction?

    To stop the recurring payment order, the customer needs to click on the Schedule Payment sub-tab under Activity, and click on the Terminate hyperlink for the account that the customer would like to stop the recurring payment.

    Can I set multiple payment reminders for one account?

    No, only one payment reminder can be set for each account. A new reminder set on one account would automatically replace any existing reminder.

    What is the interval for the reminder?

    Reminder can be set on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

    What happens if my credit card expires or the credit card number has changed?

    If customer has a recurring payment (schedule payment) or one-time scheduled payment attached to the affected credit card, payment would be unsuccessful when the period is due. It is advisable for the customer to update the payment under the activity sub tab and edit the wallet facility information.

    How do I know that my payment instruction is not successful?

    For Quick Pay–immediate payment, we will send a payment acknowledgement message to inform that your payment was unsuccessful.

    For Quick Pay–one-time scheduled payment and recurring payment, an email notification will be sent to indicate your payment was unsuccessful.

    I do not want to store my credit card information. Can I still instruct recurring payment or one-time scheduled payment?

    No, in order to make recurring payment or one-time scheduled payment, customer has to store their credit card information in the Wallet. However if you decide to make immediate payment, you don’t have to store your credit card info in the TM Online Wallet.

    If I make payment at TM Online will my payment be updated?

    Any payment transaction made via TM Online before 6pm will be updated within 24hours as status: ‘Complete’.

    Example: Payment transaction made via TM Online at 6.00 p.m on Monday, the payment will be updated latest by 6.00 p.m on the next day (Tuesday).

    Any payment transaction made via TM Online after/at 6pm will be updated within 48 hours as status: ‘Complete’.

    Example: Payment transaction made via TM Online at 6.00 p.m Monday, the payment will be updated latest by 6.00 p.m on the next two days (Wednesday).

    How do I know the payment status via TM Online?

    Payment status can be viewed via Payment sub tab Activity facility (TM Online Payment History)
    There are four statuses for payment made via TM Online. The statuses are:

    1. Accepted – Payment transaction is already accepted by TM
      2. Declined – Payment was declined by bank
      3. Processed – Payment transaction updating is in progress

    4. Complete – Payment transaction has been updated into customer’s account

    To whom should I refer, if my payment transaction is not updated?

    Any inquiry/complaint/dispute can be lodged via TM Online web or contact 100.

    Will I be penalized for TOS if I made payment at TM Online?

    No, if you made the payment in full before the due date as stated on your bill, provided this payment transaction is successful and updated as shown in the TM Online payment history. “Complete” is shown on the status column.

    What happens if TM TOS my line but I made payment at TM Online?

    In the event that payment is successful (customer’s credit card has been charged with amount paid to TM) and yet the line was TOS, please contact 1050.

    Why can’t I make payment at TM Online?

    You can make payment via online for all your bill accounts that are displayed on TM Online. For your telephone line that has been terminated, you are advised to pay the bill using the quick pay method. I.e Payment on full

    Why are my payments made at other than Kedai Telekom or TM Online not immediately updated? (I.e. Pejabat Pos, Tenaga Nasional or Bandaraya)

    Payment is only updated once we receive the sum due. Payments made at other channels are updated periodically to TM depending on the collection and payment system used by them. Normally payments at other channels are updated latest within 14 working days from the date of payment made.

    Why can’t I see my updated payment appear on the bill presentment screen even though I concluded the payment?

    You cannot see the payment that you made on the screen because the bill on the screen is only an image file that depicts a hardcopy of your actual bill. Your payment will be updated on the next month bill. Your payment will also be captured on the “Payment” tab under “Activity” (TM Online History).

    Why do I see that no action is being done for the dispute that I lodged at TM Online?

    Any dispute lodged requires time for investigation. However, we will update you from time to time to inform you of the status of your dispute. You also can find out your status by calling 1050 or e-mail us via the “Enquiry” link at and quote your dispute reference number as displayed after you submitted your dispute.

    Why have I still not received the services that I requested via TM Online?

    Your service(s) requested will be processed once it meets the criteria set by TM.You can also find out your status by calling 1050 or e-mail us via the “Enquiry” link at and quote the service that you ordered, in addition to the date and time you made the request.

    How do I change my e-mail address on TM Online?

    Your e-mail address is stored within your profile on TM Online. You can change your email address by clicking “Profile” tab at the top navigation menu of the summary screen page.

    What happens to my online bill if I cancel TM Online?

    If you decided to cancel this service you will lose the ability to view your online bill and access to TM Online will be terminated.

    What should I do if I want to unsubscribe to this service?

    If you wish to unsubscribe to this service kindly email to [email protected] with the following information:

    – Name
    – Telephone contact number
    – Bill account number
    – User ID

    What is paper-free billing?

    When you sign up for paper-free billing on your account, your bill can be viewed online.

    Why should I go paper-free?

    Paper-free billing reduces the amount of paper you have to deal with. It also reduces the amount of paper that we use, both of which benefit the environment. You will still be able to see your bill details online, just as you do now. In addition, you also will enjoy the feature richness of the TM Online services.

    How do I sign up?

    Just click the “Register Now” button on the right hand navigation menu on, which then links you to the enrollment page that requires you to furnish some information for security measures to determine genuine customers.

    How do I cancel paper-free billing?

    If you decide that you no longer want paper-free billing, simply click the ON option under the Receive Paper Bill page. If you have chosen to not receive the paper bill, you will be allowed to turn paper delivery back on this account after 6 months from the date you decided not to have it.

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