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Habits are important in life. In many moments of our lives, we start to adopt certain habits which we think would be best to help us move forward. In fact, some might just cause our downfall instead of really helping.

Habits define us

We have always find that we are doing things which makes us happy but we are not sure if they really are beneficial for us. This is because when something becomes a habit, it starts to define who we are and how we react to things. This is more evident especially when we are at work and spend most of our working hours in the office.

The habits!

What you want really is to find ways to lead a life that makes you happier and lead a more fulfilling life. If that is what you are looking for, then you need the following habits.

  1. Avoid (and go all out) negative people – You need to be strong about this one. Avoid those people around you who spread negative energy. Some people are in your life but they do not bring you any positiveness. In fact, you should avoid them at all costs. Some might even question you on why you are not always around anymore. It will be worth it. These people are toxic.
  2. Cut the digital device in bed – did you know that blue light will affect your sleep quality? Besides that, it affects your mood and energy level as well. But still, you like to do this everytime before you sleep and right after you wake up. Stop looking at your phone in bed or switch on your laptop before sleeping.
  3. Live in the now – You are always working for the future. Yes, we get that! But until you achieve the bigger car or the larger house, you should live in the now and appreciate what you have. Be happy with what you have and you will surely be a happier person. Sometimes, the basics in life is good enough and it makes you happy
  4. Not everything is what they seemed to be – Don’t chase after perfection in life. Be open about changes and not be unhappy with things that do not go your way. They might be temporary and might just be the best thing that might have happened
  5. Stop procrastinating – You know you have that thing you wanted to do. Something you have always wanted to do but put it off because you were not ready. You will never be ready! So stop procrastinating and start doing what you always wanted. This is even if you think you might not make it and fail in your first attempt. If you have an idea, you always tend to delay because you are afraid to fail. Start working on it and you might not succeed at first, so let it be.
  6. Organize your life – when you have an idea, start putting them into action plans. Organize how you want to get the things done and you might just make it. The first thing you should do really is to organize your life and put your things in order. Make sure that you have a designated place to keep all your things so that you can find them when you need them.
  7. Always remind yourself – do things that reminds you of who you are. Have some ‘me’ time like indulging in your favourite wine and music and activities that makes you feel good about yourself. Do sports that you can play yourself like bowling or squash.
  8. Learn to say no – This habit is hard to cultivate but once you get the hang of it, it is hard to kick it. Saying ‘no’ means you have better self control. It means you are able to take control of what you want and would not want to do.
  9. Make goals – This is easy but you need to make realistic ones. Short term, middle term and long term goals will all be good if you know when to make them. At the end of the day, you know you will get there as long as you work your way towards it.

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