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Investment is one area of business that requires a lot of planning with some luck and experience. There are all types of tools in the market that can make-or-break your investment. You need to know where to start looking. And you better start NOW!

Best investment tools to make money

There are no short-cuts to success more so when it deals with money. Whether you are going into online trading or running your own retail chain, you have to be updated with the latest tools if you want to succeed. Here are some of the most recent and useful tools for your investment purposes, categorized for your convenience.

Peer-to-peer lending

This is not anything new but it is current enough where it is where you can finance your debts directly from individuals. There is no need for any intermediary or middlemen but might require a bit more time. In some situations, it is known as crowdlending or social lending. A peer-to-peer online platform is commonly used for this to take place.

Basically, you borrow money from any individual who will have a pre-agreed interest rate. Your profile will be made available for the lenders to gauge and decide if they want to lend you the amount you need. In most cases, the factors have all been considered where the lender will enjoy higher interest rates as compared to the usual institutions while you will have better and quicker returns before the agreement can be met.

Project and task management

Knowing the usual Microsoft Project application is one thing, learning about the contemporary ones is another. There is no point harping on how powerful MS Project is if you are not aware of the more current ones which could be faster and possibly more functional.

  1. Asana – This app is available on both mobile and desktop versions. It has a to-do list for every team member which makes it very useful if you are managing a team of people with different tasks
  2. Trello – This is a more specialized tool. It is great if you are running more technical projects like those in the engineering sector.
  3. Basecamp – Perfect for a small project team, it is very much like Asana and Trello which comes with a to-do list and is possibly the only app you need in this context
  4. Slack – One of the top acts at the moment, Slack has been garnering a lot of positive reviews lately. It integrates nearly everything you need to organize your business and projects. Collaboration has never been this easy and thanks to Slack, you can now combine all you need in one place

Lead and customer management

The following tools are necessary for every business because it helps you to manage your customers.

  1. Front – This is a great application that helps you to manage your customer database. How it works is that you can send out emails and even text them
  2. Hubspot – This app is used by many sales teams to manage their leads. In fact, it helps them to generate leads too. Other known features of this app include templates for emails and communication collaboration
  3. Streak – A multi-functional CRM tool, it works quite similarly to Hubspot but more catered to small and medium businesses
  4. Zendesk – You will like the web-chat function in this one which is perfect if you like to engage your customers a lot.

Social networking

Let’s face it! No business today can really survive without being connected to any form of social media. If you are not connected in the networks, chances are you are stuck in the 80s.

  1. Airtable – If you want to integrate your social media events with your emails and in-app messaging platforms, then this would be your best app.
  2. Planoly – Planoly gives you the option to visually organize your image feeds especially if you use a lot of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.
  3. Boostgram – Something which is very useful if you want to know to gain any insights into your campaigns which is not possible in other known networks like Instagram
  4. Mention Influencer Stack – Developed by Mention which has been one of the top tools used in influencer marketing, it will help you to find the right ‘influencer’ to help push your brand
  5. Gatsby – This is one app which uses AI to determine who your customers are by integrating with your current users.

Book-keeping and accounting

Several tools have been designed to help you with keeping your numbers in check and to ensure that you are managing your money well. Among those that you can consider includes:

  1. Freshbooks – this is a perfect tool for any business consultant or if you own a small business. It is cloud-based and is free initially. In a short time, you can set it up and all your statements, purchases will all be in one place
  2. Quickbooks – This is ideal if your business is bigger. It is almost a must-have for any certified accountant and bookkeeper. Invest into this early if you plan to expand your business
  3. Zoho Books – This is a tool for the freelance and solo business owner. You must know what it takes to be an entrepreneur and this is what you will need to keep you numbers in check. It is very much like Quickbooks, but cheaper. Bear in mind that this tool is good if you are a small setup.

Outsourcing and Shared services

If you are a small setup, then you might be looking for freelancers or part-timers to help with certain tasks. Basically, there are places to start looking but knowing where to start saves you time and definitely cost.

  1. Fiverr – A great place to start where it can be as low as RM20 for a job. There are all types of different tasks from freelancers across the globe
  2. Upwork – This is the site which was originally Elance and oDesk where you can now be connected from content creators, copywriters, web designers and such. Very easy to use and useful
  3. Virtual Staff Finder – This is as what the name suggests where it helps you to find the people you need for a certain job.

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