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The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) market has been booming in the last few months of 2021 so much so that it has taken the world by storm. Malaysia is no stranger to reports that several digital artists and personalities raking in huge profits through NFTs. Below are some of the top NFTs sold by Malaysians.

Katun – NFTs sold for over RM1 million

Katun, a renowned Malaysian graffiti artist made headlines when his 2 NFTs sold for more than RM1.6 million. It was a remarkable sale as they were sold within 24 hours. Katun launched his NFTs on Superfarm by EllioTrades and he is the first artist to do so. The 2 NFTs were launched at 2.00 am on 18 August.

  • The first NFT, Apes Stand Strong was a limited NTF of 50 pieces. It was sold for 1 ETH each and was sold out within half an hour. During the time of the sale, it was worth almost RM700,000.
  • The next was entitled ‘Mystical Fruits’ and was an open edition piece. The price was 0.1ETH where 776 pieces were sold. This amounted to 77.6 ETH which at that time was about RM1.08 million.
  • Collectively, Katun made about RM1.7 million.
  • Each of the ‘Apes Stand Strong’ NFT also comes with a physical and uniquely-numbered Glclee print of the artwork.
  • On the other hand, come 18 October 2021, 20% of the of ‘Mystical Fruits’ NFT will evolve into ‘Garden of Bloom’.
  • Since the sale, the limited edition NFTs by Katun is already being listed for almost double the price. Some have even been priced 100 times more.

Red Hong Yi – Social commentary artwork

Red Hong Yi, more fondly known as Red was among the earliest to have her artwork sold through NFT. In an online auction, her work ‘Doge to the Moon’ was sold for 36.3 ETH. At that time, the value was more than RM300,000. This would be the first of the six ‘Memebank’ series. She also stated then that part of the proceed will be donated to the COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund managed by Mercy Malaysia. Doge to the Moon was launched in June through Binance when the exchange initiated the 100 Creators effort.

Namewee – Expanding the music industry into blockchains

Namewee, no stranger to the Chinese music scene recently made headlines by releasing his music as NFTs. This came around through the single ‘Fragile’ where he launched some 99 NFTs through OpenSea. Within 3 hours, all 99 NFTs were sold earning him some 209 ETH. At the point of sale, that would be about RM4 million. Namewee, who is no stranger to controversy courted more through the song which was a collaboration with Kimberley Chen that criticized the China government. He has stated that he won’t be cashing out as a statement against the conventional financial system.

Edmond Looi – Sneaker artist venturing into NFTs

Besides conventional art and visual work, Malaysian artists have been innovating new forms as well. Edmond Looi, is one such artist. He is a renowned custom sneaker artist who has been designing and creating designs in popular sneakers. Edmond recently announced that he sold his first NFT for 20ETH. Known for his Dino series of sneakers which has been hugely popular, he minted his first NFT on OpenSea with his Dino Red OG. This goes to show that when it comes to NFTs, there is a lot of room to go with all sorts of different art forms and mediums.

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