Top Performing Cryptocurrencies August 2021 to look out for


Bitcoin is always volatile but has good performance

Suffice to say, BTC is constantly the main cryptocurrency to invest in this year. It breached the $60,000 mark back in May 2021 and dropped to $35,000 that same month. Since then, BTC has been steadily climbing up the charts averaging around the $45,000 mark throughout August. In the last 2 months, BTC’s price has somewhat pulled back quite sharply. This is due to the crackdowns by governments, most notably China. However, with the price around $45,000, analysts are strongly counting on BTC to reach $100,000 sometime next year.

Ethereum doing well following close to BTC

The second-largest cryptocurrency with almost $270 billion market capitalization. A year ago in August 2020, the price of ETH was at a low of $220 or so. In 2021 August, the price has since shot up to over $3,000. It has been going strong with the upgrade to ETH 2.0 and its Defi expansion and that should all take shape by 2022. With the year coming to a close, there is no better time to invest in ETH than now.

Litecoin maintaining reputation as most valuable

LTC has a market capitulation of over $9 billion. It is among the most valuable cryptos out there. It has been below the $100 mark for most of last year but in April 2021, it shot up to over $250. Since then, it has been averaging around the $150 mark. In early August 2021, it took a bit of a stumble around $140. Since then, it has been climbing up and has been hovering around the $170 mark. This is a good time to buy LTC as it has the potential to grow and is way cheaper than other cryptos.

Stellar Lumens exceeding expectations of investors

With the promise of Defi and market capitalization of more than $6 billion, this is one crypto that has overperformed in the last year or so. The XLM has always been advocating the integration with banking platforms and it has been doing well in this area. Among all the other cryptos, XLM has not been too volatile, exuberating around its value of $0.30.

Binance Coin benefitting from support from Binance Exchange

BNB was among the best performing cryptos in 2020. Its price has spiked to more than 700% since the start of 2021. The integration with Binance Exchange has given BNB a huge boost and it continues to be the crypto to watch. It has been rising up the chart from the start of August 2021 averaging around the $450 price. Supported by the top crypto exchange in the world, this is one crypto that is worth investing in.

Cardano surely the crypto to watch this year

The ADA has recently been declared the world’s fifth most valuable crypto. Between August 2020 and 2021, the price has increased more than 1,000%! It recently announced the launch of the Alonzo smart contract platform which will be integrating the Defi platform and that makes it more valuable than before. It has been on a steady climb around $2.50 or so.

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