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We offer not only the automated system for your business to list and find new customers. In fact, we offer our expertise in providing value-added services that include advice and tips on how to be more effective and visible on the internet.

As we have been engaged by thousands of multinational companies, manufacturers, sellers and retailers from around Malaysia and other countries in the region, we have cultivated the technical and business know-how on what sells best and traded online.

Based on our findings, the top products that are being traded online (through include:

LED – This refers to both the finished LED products and components used in this type of revolutionary lighting. Manufacturers of LED products like bulbs and lamps use our trading platform to market their products to the Malaysian market while manufacturers of parts like LED strips, rigid bars and others too have sourced for partners and collaborated with other players around the region.

Raw materials – top raw material makers and suppliers of items used for manufacturing are among the top 3 products being traded online ad more so through This include the supply of items like rubber material, steel and aluminum parts, components used for lighting and electricity and many others, all of which have established new collaboration and partnerships through us.

Signage materials – Manufacturers of materials used in signage is currently in high demand mainly due to the rising popularity of outdoor advertising in the Malaysian market and the surrounding region. This includes printing materials, printing equipment, design and building of structures used for signage. Traders are using to find suppliers who offer value-for-money and cost-effective materials that offer the best return-on-investment in the construction of items like digital advertising boards, LED lighting sources, printing of large format posters and many more.

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