Top Startup Funding Companies in Asia


There have been talks that Asia is the new startup hub. After the many successes found by tech-startups from the internet boom, the shift has since moved east and analysts are not disputing this in any way.

Successful funding for startups in Asia

Names like Silicon Valley and Berlin have been associated with startups and Asia has recently emerged to be the next big one with a strong focus around the Southeast region. There is, of course, the more developed countries like Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo but the others are really coming up including the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, to name a few.

Super-large economies

Why is Asia such an attractive market for startups? For starters, it has the largest economy in China. It has the largest population and the largest land size. Other factors include having some of the most underdeveloped economies in the world which mean there is a lot of potentials to grow. Infrastructure and logistics, they have yet to meet the bar of their western cousins, so there you go, new areas again. And do not forget that they have a lot of raw resources.

Singapore leads the market

In terms of startup funding, Singapore is currently the leader. It is after all one of the most important and crucial regions when it comes to tech startups as well as new business development. Singapore has often been at the forefront of this segment and is no different with funding startups. So, who are those around Asia who can fund the new startups?

Grab Ventures

This is perhaps one of the most renowned names not only as an investor but is already leading the market (and monopolizing some) in the ride-hailing market. Grab launched Grab Ventures since taking over the Southeast Asia arm of competitor Uber. Since then, it has been active in trying to lead the early-stage startup market. It has since bought over the likes of iKaaz and with more coming.


Crowdo is the name of the crowdfunding platform which has been making a lot of inroads in the Asian region. It aims to be a major player in the crowdfunding sector in Asia. In fact, Crowdo is on the way to become the biggest crowdfunding company in Asia. Based in Singapore, it has since moved its operations to the wider region into Malaysia and is slowly into Indonesia.


This is a site which is the main reference point for startups and investors who have plans to venture into the Asian region. This is where high-quality connections are found as it bridges the investors with startups with good potential across Asia. As such, startups will find it easy to find funds here.

B Capital Group

This company is based in Singapore. It is among the top VC firms in the region today. What makes this company such a prominent name is because its founder is none other than Eduardo Saverin, the co-founder of Facebook. He started this company with his US$144 million based in Singapore and has become one of the major angel investors in the Asian region.

Golden Gate Ventures

This is an early-stage VC which is focused on connecting startups in Southeast Asia to the Silicon Valley. The founding partners include Jeffrey Paine and Vinnie Lauria who are renowned figures in the global VC world.

Jungle Ventures

Based in Singapore, this VC company is involved in a lot of global companies in most sectors imaginable. It is currently working its way into the Asian market. So far, it has been reported that this company has invested into some 500 startups under the leadership of Jayesh Parekh, the Managing Partner and founder of Sony Entertainment Television.

Sequoia Capital

One of the names that need no introduction, it is among the top in the VC sector. Its records speak for itself as companies that are backed by Sequoia now contributes to over 20% of the total value in Nasdaq. It has worked with some of the biggest names in any industry including:

  1. Jerry Yang
  2. Larry Page
  3. Steve Jobs
  4. Larry Ellison

Spiral Ventures

This is among the top VC companies with its head office in Singapore. Its focus is investing in Seed to Series A businesses. The region is Southeast Asia and particularly in e-commerce platforms. The company is part of the largest digital agency in Japan, IMJ Corp.

Other top funding firms for startups

Besides those mentioned above, there are many other firms that are available. This include:

  1. Incubate Fund
  2. Innosight Ventures
  3. KK Fund
  4. Rakuten Ventures
  5. Tri5 Ventures
  6. DreamLabs
  7. Alibaba Capital Partners
  8. Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneur Fund
  9. AddVentures by SCG Thailand
  10. K-Ventures
  11. Axis Capital Partners
  12. NEXEA
  13. BizAngel
  14. Expara Ventures
  15. Cradle Fund
  16. Netrove Partners
  17. TinkBig Venture
  18. Teak Capital
  19. 500 Startups

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