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We function not only as a trading space for the buying and selling of products and services but we help in the matching of these transactions as well. As we have been in this industry for many years, we have cultivated rich experience in the valuation of old machines. As such, we will ensure that when you sell through us, you are actually engaging the experts in this market.

Through us, you can now enjoy a one-stop service platform where selling your old machines has never been this easy and convenient. All you need to do is to tell us what you want to sell and we will take care of the rest. Old machines like laser machines, old printers or plotters, die-cut machines are others can all be recycled and reused by many companies in the market who are looking for more affordable alternatives.

As experts in this field, we have the technical know-how to evaluate and value your old machines. We will carry out a full inspection on the machines that you no longer need and would like to sell and subsequently provide you with all the proper documentation on what you need to do and the next course of action like transportation, payment terms and others.

From there, we will advise you accordingly on the most suitable price to sell based on the market rate and if that is agreeable, then we will proceed to the next phase which is the actual transaction. Using our automated and very effective trading system, we will source for the buyers who are interested in your old machines and match them to you. As the seller, you will have to provide a minimum of 1-month guarantee once the old machine is sold or traded while we will impose a nominal fee of 10% commission from the agreed price sold.

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