Travel Expo

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Travel Agents
The Travel Expo is one of the most popular places to visit especially among those who are looking for packages. Travel agents will be at the expo to promote all types of services they offer. This includes domestic packages for tourists, international packages which usually include transport and accommodation, ground tours and transportation services. Agents will usually be selling the most popular packages to renowned destinations around the world.

Specialized Packages
There are several types of specialized packages when it comes to travelling. Each year, there will be the Umrah packages which are specially catered for Muslims while there are many corporate companies that will be requiring for special customized packages like team-building trips and annual events that are catered for their specific needs.

Transport providers
This involves operators like bus services, car rental companies and most notably airline services that use the expo to garner more profit and customers.

Accommodation Services
Visitors to the expo can find the best options for accommodation at selected and most popular destinations. There will be operators of the top international hotel chains as well as the more economical hotels available. Apart from that, budget hotels and motels will be at the fair to promote more accommodation choices at the locations while homestay providers are available as well.

Travel related services
At the travel expo, service providers like travel insurance, baggage and luggage concerns and medical precautions are available for those who are concerned about these issues when travelling. The service providers can explain in detail all that is required to know before customers buy a package or engage an agent for a tour.

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