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Many cryptocurrencies have sprung up in recent years but no many can make investors sit up and take notice the way Tron did. Now, users are able to earn digital assets when he uploads data, video or audio on this platform.

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Background of Tron

Justin Sun is the man behind Tron. He formed the Tron Foundation in 2017 in Singapore. Trading of Tron is through is a market name known as TRX or Tronix. Being one of the more recent additions to the already-crowded cryptocurrency market, Tron has been making waves in its own ways to stand out.

Similar but different

What makes Tron such an interesting cryptocurrency for investors is its unique positioning. For starters, the Tron Foundation seemed to be catered for the entertainment industry. Using the same methods and platforms with distributed storage with decentralized technology means it is able to cater to investors across the world.

How different is Tron?

Tron connects the creators directly to the users of the cryptocurrency. This means there is no need for brokers and middlemen. As such, the creators of digital content will now earn their profits directly from their customers (and users). Besides that, Tron runs like a social network without needing viewers to like or generate hits which is a genius business strategy.

Using Tron

A public ledger is used to record Tronix transactions. The creators are able to enjoy better control over the data within its social media platform. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, TRX cannot be mined. After all, it was designed to provide a limitless spread of data.

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