Types of Invoices Used in Trading


Commercial Invoice

This is the most common type of invoice used and goes by different names like Trade Invoice, Shipping Invoice or just Invoice alone.

Detailed Invoice

As the name implies, this document is more detailed, describing all the contents of the goods that include information like value, price conditions, unit price, total price, quantity and specifications like dimensions and measurements.

Certified Invoice

This document confirms that the contents of the invoice are accurate and true. It usually contains the information of the goods (although they might not be detailed) with a statement at the bottom of the document certifying that the contents are true and correct.

Receipt Invoice

This invoice functions like a bill or receipt. It is to confirm that payment has been received from the customer (buyer) and issued for safekeeping. In most cases, there is a statement in this invoice that clearly says how payment was made, whether it was by cash, credit card or other forms of payment.

Manufacturer Invoice

This document is issued by the manufacturer usually used for exporting of the goods. This invoice is a very important document for the importing country as it is the basis of how the related taxes and duties are calculated. The Manufacturer Invoice is usually issued with the domestic currency price and is dated earlier than the commercial invoice.

Proforma Invoice

Proforma means ‘as a matter of form’ in Latin. It is issued in advance of any shipment or delivery of the goods. The Proforma Invoice is issued to state the value of the goods and is commonly used for custom clearance.

Consignment Invoice

This is the document issued to be used as the basis for pricing used in consignment of goods.

Customs Invoice

Some countries require the customs invoice when goods are imported. There are certain formats that have been stipulated by the respective countries and this must be met accordingly. There are certain countries that will use the Commercial Invoice while some require the customs invoice as an alternative.

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