United Plantations Berhad


United Plantations Berhad is a very established public-listed company in Malaysia. It is listed in the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia where it is among the top counters of the plantations sector.

United Plantations Teluk Intan

The company started out in 1917 when it amalgamated a few plantations then. It was one of the earlier companies to be public listed when it did so in 1932 at the Copenhangen Stock Exchange. Today, United Plantations is one of the few major companies involved in palm oil where it trades under stock code 2089.

Background of United Plantations

Previously known as United Plantations Limited, the company would later go public in 1969 at the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange after merging with Bernam Oil Palms Ltd under the current name.

Consumer perception

As a high profile counter, United Plantations’ businesses have often been profitable and sustainable. It’s involvement in the cultivation and processing of plantations which include:

  1. Coconut
  2. Palm oil
  3. other crops

Besides that, United Plantations is known:

  1. To have more than 40,000 hectares of land banks
  2. To be an integrated plantation company which is among the most efficiently managed and eco-friendly in the world

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