Video Conference Software & Learning Platforms – which are the best?


Online learning is not just about having educational material posted on portals and then downloading them. It is definitely more than that as it must ensure the students get to achieve a learning objective.

Many do not believe it can be possible

A lot has been skeptical about online education or e-learning because they believe that education must be face-to-face. With the advanced technology platforms and internet broadband, this has become a reality and that is what is going on now. Tools in LMS (Learning Management System) are now available and even used by some of the top training and learning institutions.

Popular all in one platforms

First, the platforms that are used for education and corporate training. They are those that offer all-in-one packages in that learners can download material and have classes too.

  • Moodle – One of the most popular platforms that provide classes and modules. Functions like online tests, forums, wikis and quizzes are all available. Besides that, this is an open-source platform which means it is customizable.
  • Openlearning – A popular LMS used by a lot of institutes of higher learning. It is very much like Moodle and is browser-based. Includes functions for interaction including submission of work by learners and online quizzes.
  • Docebo – This is a platform used by a lot of corporate training agencies. It encourages collaboration between the trainer and the trainee through a user-friendly interface. It also provides integration with third-party applications.
  • Skillshare – A great platform that allows learning of the creative sciences. The community has over 3 million users and encourages more practical courses like film, design, photography and such. It is one of the best platforms to learn through an unconventional e-learning setting.
  • Adobe Captivate Prime – Offered by Adobe, this is used by enterprises to convert boring training programs into more fun sessions. There is a complete set of tools provided where learning can be tracked in terms of progress as well.

Now, the third-party applications

Besides the all-in-one platforms, there are other more specialized tools that can be integrated into the LMS or as stand-alone sessions. Among the popular ones currently include:

  • Zoom – This is one of the most popular video conferencing and collaboration platforms used not only for online learning but also for meetings.
  • Slido – Provides sessions known as Events. This is a great platform that can help presenters get responses during a session. Includes polls, Q&A and such.
  • Padlet – A great tool used to gather responses from a group of users. They can post text, images, videos, or any other media in response.
  • GotoMeeting – This platform offers a lot of functions like video conferencing, online meetings and desktop sharing for a group of people. Collaboration can be effectively facilitated using this platform.
  • Prezi – An online presentation software that creates animated slides. Editing is possible in real-time which makes it an ideal tool that allows multiple users to work on a specific topic at the same time.

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