Vincci Franchise Opportunity


Do you desire to operate your own business in fashion? Do you know that Malaysia has some of the most popular brands that operate across the region? This is after all one of the top shopping destinations around Asia and in some context, globally as well.

Female shopping market

Through Vincci, you would be able to tap into the female shopping community which is the largest portion of this market.
Vincci is one of the most popular brands in the retail industry not only in Malaysia but in the Asian region. if you have always wanted to own a business in this sector, franchising this business could be your best option.

Should you run a Vincci outlet?

The franchise fee for Vincci is actually among the lower ones in the market where it will cost you about RM40,000. Your startup investment might be higher as you need to find a location with good traffic flow which means it could be costly.
This should put you back to about RM400,000, depending on the location and size of the outlet. On top of that, there is a 4% royalty fee as well imposed on your revenue. Naturally, that is how franchising works but you will appreciate that it is not as high as many others.

The ready catchment of customers

The Vincci brand is a well established one and is often packed with customers. The products are of good quality and they are affordable as well. Over the years, customers have liked Vincci shoes because they are contemporary and comfortable.

So, is this a good investment?

This would be a sound investment if you are ready to enter the retail industry with an established brand with a strong following of customers. Vincci has a strong reputation among shoppers and its customers.

Going long-term with Vincci

As such, you must be ready to go all the way in maintaining this rapport if you are to own the franchise. This means there will be extra expenditure to maintain the operations and to ensure that the brand image is preserved.

What do our experts say?

As mentioned, Vincci is one name that needs no introduction.

  • Brand Reputation – Very strong, especially among the locals.
  • Initial Capital – Medium to high but largely dependent on rental.
  • Return on Investment – High traffic flow of customers will ensure good ROI within the first year.
  • Location – Shopping malls if possible on the ground floor.
  • Customer Segment – Women from all categories.

The Final Word

You will require a high amount of funding if you want to sustain this business. Inventory and rental will be your major challenges. But with that, you can be assured of customers who resonate well with your brand name.

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