WeChat Pay now available in Malaysia, linking up with Hong Leong


What is WeChat Pay?

WeChat Pay is one of the most popular e-wallet systems today. This mobile payment service has one of the biggest communities of users across the world. It is part of the main features of the China-based WeChat mobile app. Since its inception in 2011, WeChat has to date more than 1.25 billion active users (as of Q2, 2021)

Is WeChat Pay available in Malaysia?

Yes, WeChat Pay is available in Malaysia. You can now transfer money among other WeChat users as well as make payments for purchases for goods and services from merchants and retail shops. WeChat Pay had its official launch in Malaysia earlier in August 2021 where it has a strong user base of more than 20 million active users in the country.

How does WeChat Pay work?

Making payments are usually done through:

  • Scanning of QR-Code – This is the most common way to make a payment through WeChat Pay. The user scans the QR Code of the seller and then enters the amount to be paid.
  • Quick Pay – This is where the user scans the QR code which belongs to him or her and then a certain amount is charged.

Is WeChat Pay linked to any banks in Malaysia?

Yes. Malaysians can now connect WeChat Pay to their Hong Leong Bank’s accounts and debit cards. This service is now available for holders of Hong Leong Debit Cards where they can subsequently use their WeChat Pay as their extended bank account. This can be used like the usual e-wallet service system where the user can pay for products and services that accept WeChat Pay.

Are there any charges or fees to use the Hong Leong Debit Card-linked WeChat Pay service?

There are currently no transaction fees imposed for services including withdrawals and top-ups.

Where can I use the Hong Leong Debit Card-linked WeChat Pay service?

Users will be able to pay for products and services for all WeChat Pay-enabled platforms including services online and for payment at retail stores. The platform is currently in the process of adding more merchants to the list.

How do I my Debit Card for the Wechat E-Wallet?

To do this, you need to have an active WeChat Pay account. Then, select ‘Wallet’. From there, you need to click on Bank Cards and add the Hong Leong bank card. You will be required to key in your PIN number (for the debit card). Then, key in the details before a confirmation SMS will be sent to you.

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