Weddings Expo


Bridal House
This expo will involve mainly bridal houses where they will display all their products and services for couples who are planning for their weddings. This is where the companies will showcase their wedding gowns for rental and for sale and all their different types of styles and designs. Bridal houses will be demonstrating what they can offer to the couples that include photography and studio sessions and what the available packages are. In most cases, the bridal houses will have a special promotions package at the fair to attract more customers.

Gifts and souvenirs
Manufacturers and sellers of gifts and souvenirs will use the wedding expo to reach more customers with what they have to offer. This is very effective as couples can find out about the available options in terms of door gifts, souvenirs or other items needed for the wedding dinner and other related events.

Apart from the bridal houses, couples can now engage professional and freelance photographers to take their wedding photos. Professional photographers will showcase their art and body of work at the fair and discuss charges with those who are interested in their services.

Professional designers of wedding gowns and dinner dresses will be at the wedding expo to sell their designs and to engage more customers. This is where the designers can sell their current designs,  ready-to-wear gowns or tailor-made designs to suit the taste and requirements of the couple themselves.

Wedding planners
Wedding planners have been in high demand in recent years and more people are now offering such services where the wedding expo is an ideal place to market them.

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