What is the Malaysian Business Angel Network?


Angels are very prominent people in the startups, entrepreneurs and business environment. Malaysia has a strong and growing community of entrepreneurs, business people and startups that constantly come up with new ideas, revolutionary products and cutting-edge technologies that can be beneficial for the local, regional or global markets.

Enter the MBAN

MBAN or Malaysian Business Angel Network is as the name implies, the official and formal organization that oversees the regulations and activities for angel investors of the country. Registered under the Registrar of Societies under the Societies Act 1966, it is aimed at providing an all-inclusive platform for angel investors, clubs and its related parties by promoting its agenda through a holistic ecosystem and environment.

Representing the Investors’ Community

MBAN generally functions as a trade organization. Among its main responsibilities include creating and spreading awareness for angel investors in Malaysia. MBAN provides for the accreditation of individual angel investors and clubs across the country. MBAN provides the facilities and means to link angel investors around the world. The secretariat role of MBAN is undertaken by Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd through its Angel Tax Incentive Office. Apart from that, MBAN provides training and the necessary support for angel investors while keeping tab of the country’s angel investment statistics.

MBAN seeks to represent the angel investors community in Malaysia via a single official voice while providing the environment for angel investors both locally and globally to come together for knowledge transfer and sharing. Through these initiatives, MBAN could promote better collaboration and hence develop a more effective angel investing ecosystem.

The Ecosystem and Support services

Throughout each calendar year, MBAN carries out several types of programs and initiatives, all of which are intended to fulfill and achieve the objectives that have been set. Among them include:

  • Education and training – MBAN provides various types of programs to educate angels throughout the country. This includes the Angles in the City Investor Workshops that are run quarterly and the Wadhwani Foundation ‘deep dive’ courses that are carried out bi-annually.
  • Pitching and Ideas – Through its Deal Flow Sourcing & Management program, MBAN organizes the Angels in the City Pitch Sessions that are run each month where members are introduced to potential deal flows and other matters.
  • Networking – Members benefit from the close relationship with related parties and agencies like the Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (MBAN’s secretariat) and others so that there are new opportunities, collaboration potential and other possible dealings from all quarters.
  • Pushing for policies – MBAN works to try and push for more policies that could help and develop the investors’ community within Malaysia.

MBAN’s Roles and Objectives

Basically, MBAN is involved in the development of the angel investment ecosystem. MBAN provides the vision, direction and the way forward in order for this development to take place. MBAN certifies Malaysia’s angel investors and angel clubs so that there is a proper and legitimate network of parties involved. The development of angel investments within Malaysia is tracked by MBAN which also helps to facilitate the setting up of any angel clubs across the country.

Besides that, MBAN selects and runs training and programs where necessary so as to help promote a healthier ecosystem. It seeks to be the voice to the Malaysian government in airing issues that are affecting the community and its members. Through this, MBAN would be able to promote and encourage more high-income parties to be involved and invest as angels, thereby pushing for more new businesses, startups and other platforms. Networking programs are organized so that they benefit everyone in this community while platforms are provided by MBAN for submission and connecting between investors and potential deals.

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