Where can you find the most expensive homes in Malaysia this year?


2020 was a bad year for real estate and properties across the world and Malaysians also felt the pinch. With the COVID-19 pandemic showing little signs of ending and 2021 being a slower than an expected year of recovery, the property market might continue to suffer in the coming years.

Is the rich getting richer?

While most people are still recovering from what hit them during the pandemic, there are some who are actually getting richer. The property market might have stopped booming but there are still some parties that are making profits. This is due to the depreciation of prices (due to a drop in demand).

Let’s get into the list

Malaysian property prices have been quite volatile over the last few years. From speculators to investors and actual property buyers, their prices have constantly been influenced by the market forces that come around. Below are 5 of the most expensive private properties in the pandemic era.

  1. Bukit Bandaraya – Located in the Bangsar-Damansara intersection, it is interesting to note that a bungalow at the Serai Bukit Bandaraya could cost up to more than RM16 million. What makes this place so expensive is the lush surroundings that cover condos and semi-Ds while it is so conveniently situated, you can get to anywhere within 10 to 15 minutes while being away from the noise and traffic jams.
  2. Kenny Hill – A list of expensive properties will never be complete with Kenny Hill or Bukit Tunku. A bungalow unit here will cost you no less than RM15 million. Known for being the ‘Beverly Hills’ of Kuala Lumpur, you enjoy privacy and luxury all-in-one. Furthermore, you are always within the vicinity of the city where you have Mont Kiara and Damansara on one end and central Kuala Lumpur on the other.
  3. Seventy Damansara – One of the posher places around Kuala Lumpur, a single bungalow unit is sold here for close to RM9 million. It comes with excellent security services where the unit comes with your own private, infinity pool.
  4. Taman Tun Abdul Razak – Located around the Ampang enclave, a single bungalow unit has been put on sale for close to RM6 million. This area is commonly popular for its community of expatriates and foreign embassies. The unit is enveloped by international schools, the Kelab Darul Ehsan golf course and some very beautiful greeneries.
  5. The Residence Mont Kiara – An address that has Mont Kiara is always luxurious and posh. Hence, th price tag for a bungalow here is close to RM10 million. It is peaceful, low-density and super huge (up to 6 bedrooms). The Mont Kiara enclave has always been a popular place for foreigners and the rich as you get a self-sufficient ecosystem complete with shopping malls, parks and commercial areas.

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