Whidbey Island Farm, Washington, USA – A modern home closest to nature


There are approximately 70,000 people in Whidbey Island, located in Puget Sound in Washington, USA. This is one of the idyllic islands so popularly known around the Pacific Northwest of the US, often associated with the hippie community as well as the organic farming groups.

Building a place to call home

One of the families here recently build a retreat home on their cattle-farming site passed down for generations. It would be a place for their grandparents as well as a vacation home. They approached MW WORKS Architecture+Design from Seattle to get this job done and they created a modern and suitable house for that particular reason. This is as close as one can get to nature, next and way down below the trees that have grown towards the skies for hundreds of years.

Becoming one with the woods and their elements

Built on the low hill of the site, it is surrounded by some of the oldest trees in the area while overlooking the barn, cattle fields and the farming site. With the rich vegetation as the backdrop, they placed glass panels to be used as walls for this home.

From the outside, the sunlight is generously shining into all the spaces like the bedroom, the kitchen, and even the bathroom. Basically, one gets a view of the outside in almost every part of the house as it is what gives it the character it deserves. There is no reason to build a home in the midst of these beautiful surroundings that deny its spectacular externals.

The house is 447 square meters in size which comes with 4 bedrooms while it has a separate bunkhouse that can fit 6 queen-sized beds. The main space has the kitchen, the living room and the dining room while the terrace is just a perfect space to just laze and enjoy nature’s view. One cannot but to notice the wooden motif of the space which has been so ideally associated with the world outside.

Can this work in Malaysia?

A forest home would be a great idea for vacations. It must be noted that it has been a norm for families living in plantations in the past. Such a project could well elevate the standard of living in these spaces especially when it involves modernistic and futuristic home designs.

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