The investment and trading markets have been buzzing with new platforms with cryptocurrency taking most of the limelight in the last few years. Some has called it the ‘new gold’ while some are being cautious especially with the rapid growth of this market. But one thing for sure, there is no sign of stopping for cryptocurrency and with thousands of different tokens around, one has recently joined the fray.

Choosing the crypto for trading

Each crypto in the market will promote a certain benefit using a technology that is more secured, better and more efficient than the other. Choosing the right crypto to invest in would be a challenge for every trader. This is because the market is volatile where you could earn a lot from profit and lose a lot too. The X-TOKEN is one of the latest additions to this and it might change your way of perceiving cryptos.

More features for the everyone

What makes the X-TOKEN stands out is that it almost anyone can have access to the crypto. This includes traders, investors and whoever else, even if you do not have any access to a computer or device. The X-TOKEN operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Launched in early May 2021 on the DxSale presale engine, it works through a system called the static reward. Here, each transaction comes with a 10% fee which will then be divided into 2 equal parts. The idea was to have a self-generating income mechanism for the owner by creating a community token system.

  • The first part is given out to the holders (5%) for every transaction
  • The other 5% meanwhile is injected into the liquidity pool on the PancakeSwap exchange which is decentralized. This will then be stored here permanently which means that the available supply will be reduced effectively.

How is X-TOKEN different?

While it is fundamentally a decentralized system, it is not the same as most of the others with its yield-generating contract where holders get rewarded. This is done through the full-time team that is developing an ecosystem of applications designed for use by the X-TOKEN. The team is made up of 5 crypto experts based mostly in Germany and Latvia. They are developers involved in the design and implementation of applications that are transacted with this new crypto.

This will give traders an attractive option to invest in the short-term while they can store them for use in the long-term as well. The token is available for purchase through Binance or through other platforms like PancakeSwa and XSwap. This provides a whole new dimension to the world of cryptocurrencies especially for the new traders and no longer an exercise available only for those who are tech-savvy or seasoned investors.

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