Yaw Teck Seng & Yaw Chee Ming

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Timber Father and Son tycoons

The 19th spot of the list of Malaysian’s richest is father and son Dato Seri Yaw Teck Seng and Dato Sri Yaw Chee Ming. They are the people responsible in the management of Samling Strategic Corporation, one of the largest companies in Sarawak.

Sam Ling was started back in 1963 by Teck Seng’s father where it then ventured into the forestry and plantations business. Today, Samling continues to enjoy tremendous success in these sectors where it is largely focused in the East Malaysian state.

Apart from the local market, Samling is involved in projects overseas. It currently employs over 20,000 people across the world with business presence in countries like North America, Australia and in Asia. With a distributorship for luxury car brand Bentley, Samling is surely going places under the leadership of this father and son team.

Yaw family’s Net Worth

$750 Million

Source Of Wealth

As one of the largest companies in Sarawak, Samling is enjoying its source of wealth from many areas. What started out in the timber industry that brought in the millions has continued to provide them with continuous revenue. Property development is one of the major areas that Samling has been involved in including venturing into Peninsular Malaysia.

Miri, Sarawak
Marital Status
Chee Ming’s wife Lau Soo Lui is the daughter of another prominent Malaysian billionaire, Lau Cho Kun.
Teck Seng has 8 children including Chee Ming. Besides him, his other son Yaw Chee Siew helps out in the businesses abroad.
Chee Ming has a Master in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, USA.


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